Personal branding for outstanding mentors with Cristina Muntean EMCC – 17 kwietnia 2023

Personal branding

Have you ever asked yourself how to build a globally successful career as an established mentor? Are you a bit squeamish about calling yourself a mentor, and not a coach? Are your clients challenging your competencies because you are a mentor “only”. Or even asking for your services for free because “mentoring shouldn’t be paid in the first place”?

If one of these questions doesn’t let you sleep at night, you are so very welcome to our virtual workshop.


Basically In this workshop you will learn a very simple framework.

Cristina’s patented 5Ws+H™ – to put order into your thoughts and bring a strategy into your personal communication and branding efforts;

  1. At first how to communicate the value of your mentoring services, so no one can question you ever again;
  2. How to select the ideal target audience whom you can mentor – and grow in the process;
  3. How to select your ideal – and few only – strategic communication channels, so you can bring your unique thought leadership to the world;
  4. How to measure your personal branding efforts and make sure you stay on track regardless of what’s going on in the marketplace.

At first the workshop will feature rich room for questions. T come prepared, bring your challenges. Let’s engage in an elevating conversation on how to raise the visibility and the value of the mentoring profession.This is one visible, impactful personal brand at a time.


The workshop is brought to you by Cristina Muntean. She is EMCC Senior Practitioner and a mentor with 13+ years of experience. She has over 2 000 hours of mentoring under her belt working with leaders and future leaders in corporate organizations in Europe. Cristina is a member of EMCC Czechia and Slovakia. She is also the author of the book You, the Brand – Personal Branding for Career Growth. Her first book that she wrote in her fourth language, Czech.

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